First Responders Annual Report

Wattisham and District Community First Responders Annual Report

Wattisham and District Community First Responders Annual Report has been sent to the Fuel for Life campaign. This report covers the months between the groups launch in January 2013 and the 30th of November 2013. This gives an overview of the groups activity over the past year and a snapshot of the benefits the group provides to its local communities.

This year volunteer Community First Responders from the Wattisham and District group have provided an astonishing 5,186 hours of on call time and have attended 80 calls to members of the community who had called 999 for help. In addition to the time spend on call the group has also attended a variety of events for parish councils and other organisations, delivering presentations to explain how Community First Responders work and help to benefit the communities in which they are based.

Of course, none of this would be possible without both the training and funding to ensure that the group is ready when they are needed. To this end group members have attended regular monthly meetings with the Needham Market group, sharing in the Community First Responder training scheme. Fundraising efforts for the Wattisham and District Community First Responder group are ongoing, but in the past year have allowed the group to purchase two medical kits and training equipment as well as covering the groups admin costs. With the funds raised during the next year the group is hoping to provide replacement uniforms, hi-vis winter jackets and complete the purchase of outstanding training aids as well as meeting their expenses and admin costs for 2014.

Wattisham and District Winter Message

With the onset of winter and all that it may throw at us, we would like to ask you to be mindful of those within your community who may not be best equipped to deal with the consequences of harsh conditions, be it through age, disability, isolation or any other infirmity. The offer of a helping hand or even just a few minutes chat, could make all the difference and in extreme situations aid survival. Please remember that the twelve days of Christmas is the season of goodwill but winter is much longer. Community spirit and deeds of kindness, cost nothing, but they pay dividends.

The group also extends its thanks to all the Councils, Businesses, Community Groups and members of the public who have given their support over the past year. Without their support the group could not exist.

Community First Responder Units and Blood Bike Groups attending the Fuel for Life launch event

Fuel for Life would like to thank Wattisham and District Community First Responders for sending us their end of year report and wish them every success over the next year. Whilst it is often said that Christmas is the season of giving Community First Responders such as those at the Wattisham and District group give to their communities all year round so please support your local Community First Responder groups and help them prosper through winter and into the new year.

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