Community First Responder Kit

Community First Responder Medial Kit

Community First Responders have ongoing costs

Where does your money go - Community First Responders

  • Emergency medical kits – We cannot operate without these!
  • Community First Responder kit bags £110 per bag
  • Barrel Bag for the Oxygen Cylinder £50
  • Suction Units £50
  • Suction Cartridge for adults £13
  • Maglight Torch £25
  • Sliding Sheet for moving persons £45
  • Hi Viz Jackets.  Cost £150 each.

These (with appropriate labelling) will identify Community First Responders to the public and to other health professionals, but most importantly act as work-wear whilst on call. In addition, during publicity campaigns, they will present a smart and co-ordinated image.

  • Uniform Polo shirts.  Each Community First Responder is to have his or her own issue. Each one costs about £22.
  • Mobile phone for additional cover.
  • Pulse Oximeter. This is a device used to measure the amount of haemoglobin that is saturated with oxygen, which is a measure of how much oxygen the blood is carrying. The device means there’s no need to actually take a sample of blood to perform the procedure. It costs approx £315.

Ongoing Expenses – just to give you an idea

  • Telephone bills – estimated at £10 per month depending upon how busy the groups are.
  • Defibrillator pads. Use once, then discard. In addition, they are time-limited, so every couple of years, they have to replace unused ones. £25 a set
  • Treating anyone below the age of 8 requires a set of Paediatric pads. These are even more expensive.

When donating to Fuel For Life, you need to specify what Community First Responder Unit you would like to receive the donation. This is to ensure the money reached them and they can personally thank you on their site.