More about the organisations.

The Fuel for Life campaign supports the following organisations:

Blood Bike Riders.

Blood Bike Riders OrganisationsBlood Bike groups are made up of volunteers who support the NHS by transporting blood, vaccines, tissue samples and even breast milk between hospitals.  Every night Blood Bike riders volunteer their own time to perform this vital work, not only saving lives but also saving the NHS thousands of pounds every year!

Individual groups are supported by NABB, the Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes which helps to coordinate the many Blood Bike groups operating across the UK.

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Community First Responders.

Community First Responders OrganisationsCommunity First Responders are groups who support the ambulance service by attending emergency calls for cardiac and respiratory cases. In these cases, they will be the first people on scene, giving potentially life-saving medical aid prior to the arrival of an ambulance crew.

The essential service provided by Community First Responders helps to save lives across the UK, but as with Blood Bike groups they need our support in order to continue their work.

Fuel for Life is currently supporting Community First Responders across the East of England Ambulance Service and hopes to soon be helping groups across the UK! Please help by donating to your local group via our website.

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