About the Campaign.

Fuel for LifeFuel For Life is an innovative campaign set up to raise much needed public awareness and funds for the hundreds of people, who volunteer their time to run groups such as Community First Responders and Blood Bike Riders.

These essential services are run across the UK in support of the NHS. Every day they help save lives in our communities however they need our support in order to continue into the future.

By donating to Fuel for Life you will help save lives within your local community and ensure that your chosen group can continue to operate into the future by helping to fuel them for life!

Why Fuel for Life?

Fuel for LifeBoth Blood Bike groups and Community First Responders rely on donations from the public to operate. Without our support they will not be able to continue their vital work in support of the NHS.

The donations these groups receive are spent on the fuel, uniforms, equipment and vehicles they need in order to provide their services to us, however factors such as rising fuel costs mean that funding a group can be significantly more difficult than in the past.

This is where Fuel for Life comes in, we aim to secure the future of Blood Bike groups and Community First Responders alike by raising awareness of their work and securing the funds to help them continue running.

In addition to this we will support newly founded groups such as H.A.B.S.S Community First Responders (based near Woodbridge), helping them to secure the equipment they need to start saving lives.

However, none of this will be possible without the help of people like you so please support your local group through the Fuel for Life campaign!

Support Fuel for Life.

The simplest way to support the Fuel for Life campaign is to donate to your local Blood Bike or Community First Responder group. To do this simply visit the donations page of our website and remember to specify the name of your chosen group!

Of course there is also much more you could do to support the campaign, for example helping to organise an event in your community. If you are interested in this please download an events pack from our website.

Together with other supporters of Fuel for Life you can help fuel Blood Bike groups and Community First Responders for life, saving countless lives both in your local area and across the UK so please show your support for the campaign!

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